Disclaimer Post

My name is Rae but my pen name is Mirror.

You may not agree with what I post and that is perfectly fine. Each to their own, your opinion is yours and I have my own.

I will always make an effort to credit anything I post that is not something I personally wrote or created.

I will not ever post actual names or personal information. All names will be fictional. Unless posted it’s the actual persons name & believe me I will seek that persons permission first.

If you see something on my blog that is not credited to the correct person or if it’s an unknown credit and by some chance you know who it is PLEASE PLEASE email me straight away at green.gypsy7@gmail.com. I am NOT here to steal ANYONES work or words!

If I offend you in anyway I do apologize that is not the intentions of this blog it’s simply a way I can voice my person views.







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