The only person to be blamed is the mother who was not paying proper attention to her young child. She now gets to live with the fact that SHE put her son in danger by not paying attention AND the fact that SHE now has the death of a CRITICALLY endangered animal on her hands! -a personal post I put on FB

I am extremely thankful that the little boy is okay. All children are precious and deserve a chance at life. Yes he was misbehaving and was not listening. But from the videos I have personally seen it did not look like Harambe was trying to “harm” the child. From the angle I saw and witnesses statements he was trying to protect the young boy. But as many experts have stated there was no way of the zoo keepers knowing exactly what Harambe was thinking. Though it was very clear he was becoming agitated by the crowd surrounding his habitat. If the “humans” had stopped and thought for a brief moment and stopped yelling and screaming maybe Harambe would not have become agitated.

It will be extremely arrogant of this family to attempt to “sue” the Zoo for their personal negligence.

I will be continuing to add more posts about this as time moves on but for now I want to leave you with this.

Rest in Peace




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