Baby Girl #3

I am excited and nervous all at once to be welcoming another little girl into this world. Her due date is Aug 2nd and she will be loved. She will be my last, I love my children and I would not trade them for the world ANY of them.

I have been struggling for a name as I want her name to “fit” with her siblings.

  1. Axelia Jazmin
  2. Alais Rene
  3. Sayer Wade-Gilbert

Her theme so far as been Owls and every shade of the rainbow. LOL




The only person to be blamed is the mother who was not paying proper attention to her young child. She now gets to live with the fact that SHE put her son in danger by not paying attention AND the fact that SHE now has the death of a CRITICALLY endangered animal on her hands! -a personal post I put on FB

I am extremely thankful that the little boy is okay. All children are precious and deserve a chance at life. Yes he was misbehaving and was not listening. But from the videos I have personally seen it did not look like Harambe was trying to “harm” the child. From the angle I saw and witnesses statements he was trying to protect the young boy. But as many experts have stated there was no way of the zoo keepers knowing exactly what Harambe was thinking. Though it was very clear he was becoming agitated by the crowd surrounding his habitat. If the “humans” had stopped and thought for a brief moment and stopped yelling and screaming maybe Harambe would not have become agitated.

It will be extremely arrogant of this family to attempt to “sue” the Zoo for their personal negligence.

I will be continuing to add more posts about this as time moves on but for now I want to leave you with this.

Rest in Peace



The Pagan Mommy Post


As I have made no secret of the fact that I am Pagan I thought I’d start a “Pagan Mommy Post” and share the Tarot Card Set I use. I am no master of the Tarot that’s for sure! More a novice at best but practice makes perfect right?

Well each night before bed I pull a card and read about that particular card. Tonight I pulled the the Emporer and here is the beautiful artwork for my deck.


I also pull a card each morning to see how my day is gonna be and I will start sharing those as well. 🙂


For when he Dreams….


My son holds a 4th of my soul. His story is a hard one. He’s had medical problems from severe asthma to seizures to severe food allergies. His “DNA” donor is not in his life in any form, he has not offered to even purchase one diaper for him. His sisters love him dearly, especially his oldest sister, his next sister and him fight like crazy. He will be a big brother soon.

He can be stubborn and has a terrible case of Terrible Two’s.
He can smile at you and make your heart melt even complete strangers.
His laughter is music to my heart.

He is my son and I love him until the end of this world, for he is my Turtle.


Disclaimer Post

My name is Rae but my pen name is Mirror.

You may not agree with what I post and that is perfectly fine. Each to their own, your opinion is yours and I have my own.

I will always make an effort to credit anything I post that is not something I personally wrote or created.

I will not ever post actual names or personal information. All names will be fictional. Unless posted it’s the actual persons name & believe me I will seek that persons permission first.

If you see something on my blog that is not credited to the correct person or if it’s an unknown credit and by some chance you know who it is PLEASE PLEASE email me straight away at I am NOT here to steal ANYONES work or words!

If I offend you in anyway I do apologize that is not the intentions of this blog it’s simply a way I can voice my person views.






The Beginning of the End

Maybe. Just maybe the title is a bit over dramatic but it fits well with this first post. I am the mother of 3 nearly 4 kiddos. (Yes I used Kiddos) I had the privilege today of reading a blog post about a woman thanking a stranger at the park for scolding her son for being bully on the playground while she attended another child in her care aross the playground.

I agree with everything this lady said. Down to ONE major point she made.

I’m not saying you have the right to touch him in any way or yell at him uncontrollably (only I’m allowed to do that) – See more at:

In this past month I have plenty of experience in this situation. I have always believed like babysideburns states

It takes a village to raise a kid.

As you may see at some point I am a Pagan by religion and I was apart of a “family” styled coven. (ie a church) I had never said anything against any of ladies scolding or reprimanding my 3 children. My oldest being 7, next 5 (both girls) and then my 2yr old son. The day in “question” which she and I see very differently on the chain of events started off fairly bad. According to her 3yr old son my son broke her older sons PS3 by putting CDs (4 of them) in it. The moment she called me I apologized immediately for the possibility that it had been my son and stated that I would look into either getting it fixed or replacing it. She had laughed it off or so I thought. Later that evening we had a “coven class”. And her husband stated rather cruelly “Take that one with you” pointing at my son. (I personally was in the living room dealing with very painful braxton hicks (I was nearly 7 months at the time) I brushed it off and said no biggie. Though we all know that with younger children they come in pairs when they are friends and my son and her son were very good friends who were nearly connected at the hip. Not once in any conversation had the mention of her sons involvement in the CDs being put in PS3 brought up. But I wasn’t going to start a fight or cause a ruckus. There was no proof of either. So I was keeping my silence.

So during our class my 2yr old son was forced to stay in the living room with 2 trucks to play with and the TV had to remain off. He was getting bored and feeling left out as he could clearly hear the kids in the next room playing. Finally his 2nd Mom (the woman I’m closest to in the coven) allowed him a drink of her soda class was finished and we were just chatting. His 2nd Mommy made him laugh and he snorted causing some soda to be spit out which all of us ladies to laugh. (So as any mother knows if you laugh at a 2yr olds actions they think it’s a game) He then took another drink of soda and this time purposely spit it out on the floor. Before either I or his 2nd Mommy could react to reprimand him she (my now previous friend) flew off the couch where she was sitting next to my sons second Mommy and did not pop or scold my son but outright slapped my son across his face and then picked him up as he started to cry and say “yeah that’s right I slapped you in the face”. As he is my baby and I am very protective mother I controlled my anger and simply stood up gathered my items and removed my son from her arms and walked out the door gathering my daughters from the “playroom”. She to this day maintains her innocence in hitting my son hard enough to leave a mark for several days on her face. She still claims that she simply got after my son and popped him on the mouth.

My sons 2nd Mommy of course witnessed the same chain of events and both us have since left the coven.

She contacted me several days after the incident and tried to convince me I was in the wrong and when that did not work she moved onto she did not realize she had hit him that hard. I told her I needed sometime to try to move past what she did to my son. After our conversation she made choice to post the full story on our coven FB page that I no longer had access to and put all the blame on me and made her involvement seem very innocent.

If you are apart of my “village” you may reprimand my children and even smack them on the hand but no I am one of the only people in this world who is allowed to fully spank or smack my son. BUT even I DO NOT leave a mark on my son! No one and I mean NO ONE has that right! And when I asked her what she would have done if the roles had been reversed she plain and forcefully stated that she would have been beyond furious and would not accept am apology of ANY kind. But yet it was okay for her to slap my son and I was expected to accept her apologies just like that and let it all drop.

I ask you this.
What kind of mother would I be? What kind of example would I be setting for my son or my daughters? (my oldest daughter is EXTREMELY close to her baby brother and she was the one brought my attention to the mark she left. My daughter was NOT happy)